Reasons for choosing Condohotel

Safe investment

The Condohotel product is a great option for those who only use the second home very rarely and for investors because it combines the use, profitability and revaluation


Investor-owners entrust their apartment administration to the management company. In return they receive a guaranteed mixed income: Economic Fixed Income + Holiday stays.

Exceptional Location

Marbella is a constantly revaluated destination. Its location and the quality of its beaches and facilities ensure you not only a great holiday but also an increase in property value.

Did you know that your vacation can give you income?

The Condohotel system allows you to acquire a property located in a tourist establishment for your holiday stay for a specified period of time. The rest of the year, Ona Condohotel, as authorised managers, is in charge of its management and also of giving you a guaranteed economic return.

The Condohotel is the best option to make a profit from your holiday properties. Ona Condohotel offers you the possibility of purchasing a property in Spain from which you will be able to enjoy your holiday and that will provide an economic benefit as long as you do not use it. An asset that offers all the comfort of a quality holiday apartment, fully equipped and which supplies all the amenities of a hotel. A product that also solves the problem of running a second home, because when you entrust the management of your property to Ona Condohotel the maintenance and supplies costs are reduced to zero.

A destination with high revaluation

Marbella is a world-renowned tourist destination. The warm weather, the quality of its beaches and its constant revaluation make Costa del Sol a very attractive destination for investment.

NO maintenance fees

By entrusting the management and operation of your apartment by Ona Condohotel, you as owner do not need to worry about paying the maintenance and supplies from your second home.

Guaranteed Fixed Income

As a compensation for entrusting the management of your property, you receive a guaranteed mixed income: 1.- Fixed income which is annually updated according to the CPI, 2.- Income in the form of free accommodation and 3.- A preferential discount on additional stays.

Data about Marbella

While most of the rest of Spain has been ravaged by the financial crisis Marbella has managed to mitigate the effects, as well as the decline in investment, real estate, consumption and tourism.

Thus, this area of southern Spain begins to shed growth figures while other areas of the peninsula continue with negative results.

The hotel occupancy results that increase each year are an example of this statement. This result shows the increased tourist interest in the area and establishes Marbella as a key tourist destination.

Average Hotel Occupancy Evolution




Source: National Statistics Institute INE

Hotel profitability has increased in the area despite the financial crisis. The high tourist value has enabled hotels to continue increasing its prices and income, as shown in the charts below. This is another result that shows the profitability in this area.

Average price per room (€)

Average profit per available room

2011 77.9€
2012 78.3€
2013 78.6€
2011 51.5€
2012 50.8€
2013 52.1€

Source: National Statistics Institute INE – 4* Hotels

Source: National Statistics Institute INE – 4* Hotels

The revaluation of Marbella, contrary to what happens in most of the rest of Spain, is tangible. An example of it is the upward trend in land prices and the CPI. This ensures that when you want to sell your property, not only you will recover your investment but it will also generate profits.

Evolution of Land Price 2014 € / m2

Evolución del IPC 2011-2013

1Q 2303€
2Q 2308€
3Q 2317€
2011 100 puntos
2012 102.45 puntos
2013 103.89 puntos

Source: Idealista (Web page specialized in Real State)

Fuente: Source: National Statistics Institute INE


Since 2013 Marbella and Estepona have been ones of the few cities in Spain to have experienced a recovery in the housing sector. Its location and the quality of its infrastructure have meant an increase both in terms of tourism and in terms of purchasing real estate. This fact has been long recognised by the British, who have become the first foreign nationality of Malaga province.

Source: * AENA Airports | ** Ministry of Development

Málaga Airport Passengers Nr. in 2016 *
Demographic growth of Málaga in 2016 - Inhabitants
Home Sales in Malaga 2016 **
British living in Málaga: Main Foreign Nationality

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